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Full time solo performances on the circuit, private gigs and specialising in weddings, where I can cover your whole day with an acoustic afternoon set and a full set in the evening with the RC 300 LOOP station [Ed Sheeran style]. I can also cover music inbetween sets and a full DJ set to end the evening.
I also play in a very succesful originals band called Sweet Black Angels, playing our own music and the odd cover song. Please message on the contact page for more info on any of the above or check out the videos page for some examples.
I have over 20 years of recording experience, from the early days of 4 track tape recording, to the latest DAW's, using Logic, Cubase, Wavelab and Pro tools. 
I use a 24 track Tascam digital desk [also mobile] to record, various Condensor Mics, Drum mics, Electric Kit, Guitar POD, Bass POD, Line 6 Amp, Yamaha CS2X Keyboard [used by Faithless] and lots more.
I have an Advanced Diploma in Music Production after studying at the Academy of Contempory Music in Guildford. 
I've written, recorded and produced the last 2 Sweet Black Angels albums aswell. Examples on the Music page.
I can now offer more guitar lessons online via Zoom or your preferred choice. Ive been teaching for just over 10 years now and have had to restrict the number of lessons due to travel inbetween but with online becoming more favourable, I can now take on more lessons!
Contact me for more information and structure of lessons. I can also cover the mandolin, Ukulele and the bass guitar.
From Posters to flyers, to logos and templates. I have been designing these and more for over 25 years now, whether it's been for various bands or for other self employed companies. The Scott Phillips Creative logo is just one example, go to the Gallery for more.
I am now equipped with the latest touch screen laptop and Digi pen, so I can now do hand drawn custom logos and then touched up and adjusted in Photoshop with transparency background to be used on all platforms. 
With music becoming my full time job, I got back into my artwork and have been providing custom artwork, including family portraits, pets and favourite bands.
My pencil and charcoal drawings soon grew into covering watercolour and ink paintings and I have recently begun the beatuiful art of Pyrography [wood burning].
This has included band logos but I have also begun customising guitars with wood burnt logos and text. 
This could be ideal for a customised guitar if you'd like to begin the online guitar lessons too. I have various sizes and patterns available. Contact me for more info.
As mentioned in the Graphic Design section, I am now equipped with a new and powerful touchscreen laptop with a Digi pen. This has allowed me to venture
into the very flexible and exciting world of Digital Art. 
At the moment, I will be concentrating on some new projects but if you'd prefer Digital Art to the various methods mentioned above, check out my art
page on Etsy or send me a message for a design of your choice!
I feel I offer the most competitive prices for the quality of the work given. Please send me a message on the contact page and we can arrange exactly what is required.

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